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Membership & Officers
Benefits & How To Join

Click here to obtain an application form to join Western Division (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Bob Spellmire at the display table Any person who collects or operates tinplate toy trains, or who collects any item relating to tinplate toy trains, or who is seriously interested in this hobby, may apply to become a  member in TCA. If you are a member in good standing with TCA National and you have a valid membership number you can become a member of TCA Western Division for a one-time $10 initiation fee. To be a member in good standing, candidates must also join the TCA National organization. National dues are $50 annually. Family memberships are an additional $1 per year, per family member. A membership application form to join TCA National can be downloaded by clicking here (requires Adobe Acrobat). Application forms can also be obtained from any Western Division board member or officer, by visiting the TCA National web site, or by attending one of our monthly train meets as a guest, and requesting one. Applicants for membership must file a membership application and submit an application fee. There is also a TCA Kid's club, free to children and grandchildren of TCA members. Membership in the TCA Kid's Club is not a regular TCA membership, but rather an introductory status which is free to all children up to age 18 sponsored by a TCA member. At age 18, Kids Club members can convert their membership into a full TCA membership, paying only half the regular member TCA dues until age 24.

Some of the benefits of membership in TCA Western Division include:

  • Automatic notice via email of all monthly TCA Western Division meets

  • A Western Division Newsletter, published 6 times annually and delivered via email (hardcopy provided for extra $10 postage fees)

  • A full color, Nationally published, quarterly magazine with articles on toy train collecting, TCA events, pictorials of member collections, manufacturer's product announcements and reviews.

  • The TCA National Headquarters News, distributed 5 times annually, with the ‘Interchange Point’ for posting of free listings to sell or purchase toy train related items

  • Access to specialized insurance programs for toy train collections

  • Notice of special commemorative car sales and discounts offered to the club membership directly from manufacturers

  • Free admission to the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, PA

  • Notification via US Mail of the TCA Eastern Division sponsored York train meets, held in the spring and fall each year in PA.

  • Access to a standards committee for grading and identification

  • Access to an arbitration committee for resolving disputes over sales of toy train related items that have taken place within the TCA organization. TCA is the only major toy train club that has a committee available to review any redress of grievances among members.

  • Access to the Toy Train Reference Library for research

  • An on-line National Membership directory, listing the names, addresses and collecting interests of all TCA members.

Current Western Division Officers

2023 officers and members of the board of TCA Western Division are:

President Jon Lang
Jon Lang -  Western Division President

President Robert Caplan
Robert Caplan - Past Division President & Past National TCA President

Membership Secretary/Treasurer Wayne Sheriff
Wayne Sheriff -  Membership Secretary & Treasurer, Past Division President & Past TCA National President

Recording Secretary/Newsletter Editor Steve Waller
Steve Waller -  Recording Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Past Division President


Greg Pulis
Greg Pulis
Larry Pearson
Larry Pearson
Rudy Felix
Rudy Felix

Past Division Presidents:

Past President Steve Eastman
Steve Eastman
Past President Harold Shapiro
Harold Shapiro

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To request more information about TCA contact any Western Division board member or send e-mail to: