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Home Layout Tours

Enjoy these videos of some of our member's home layouts!

Robert Caplan's Lionel Layout

Robert Caplan has been very active in the leadership of Western Division and in TCA National as well. He served as the President of the Train Collectors Association from 1994 to 1995 and has remained active as a long time member of the TCA Standards Committee. Bob has served as division president several times, and is currently the Western Division Vice-president. Bob likes to collect anything that has the words 'Lionel' printed on them, and has shared with us here his operating layout featuring, you guessed it, Lionel trains and accessories in O and Standard gauge.

The Sirus Collection

George A. Sirus was a long time member of the TCA Western Division and served as a director on the board in the 1960's. He is known for co-founding Varney & Sirus Trains in the 1970's. He amassed a large collection, consisting mostly of Standard gauge Lionel, Ives and American Flyer trains. His daughter Judy Sirus-Anderson and her husband Dwayne Anderson displayed the collection for many years at their home in Anza, CA.

The Langton House

The Langton House in Pasadena features a 36' x 16' American Flyer S gauge layout built and operated by Western Division member Bob Knee. Robert W. Langton, also a member of Western Division, owns this house that is a famous location for film and TV production and was most notably featured as the exterior establishing shot of the governor's mansion in the TV show Benson. The American Flyer S gauge layout is located on the 3rd floor in the ballroom of the house. The house also features Robert W. Langton's toy train, model car and bicycle collection displayed in other rooms. Five trains can run simultaneously on this layout. Equipment operated includes several custom-built S gauge locomotives made by Robert C. Hendrich, including a one-of-a-kind triplex.

Hollis Cotton's 1st train House

Hollis Cotton is a TCA member who has a house just for his trains. Hollis has actually had 2 different houses over the past several years. This video was filmed at the first house on a multi-gauge layout. Hollis has a very extensive American Flyer collection. Club members visit once a month or so to run their own trains on his layout.

Steve Eastman's Layout

Western Division TCA member and past president Steve Eastman operates a unique layout in his garage that features hand-built 5-rail track. The track can facilitate running both Standard gauge and 'O' gauge trains. Steve collects just about any kind of train manufacturer's products. You name it, he either has it, or had it in his collection at one time or another. Steve is very knowledgeable on Marx trains and their history. He also likes to collect and operate the modern era Standard gauge products from the assortment of manufacturers who have produced those unique and attractive models. Every Halloween Steve opens up his garage for the neighborhood kids to come by and enjoy his layout. Plus he hands out lots of candy!

Denyse & Jeff Meyer's Standard gauge Layout

Denyse & Jeff Meyer are always setting up operating layouts and displays where ever they go for train collectors and operators alike to enjoy. They do this for local train meets, at train shows, at church festivals, Children's Museums, and even at local parking lot trunk meets! In addition to being a member of TCA Western Division, Jeff serves as the current President of the Toy Train Operator's Society Southern Pacific Division and was the developer of the modular square system utilized by the Orange County Tinplate Trackers. The Meyer's home layout is truly something to be enjoyed, and evidently is constantly growing, never shrinking! Denyse and Jeff are both very big fans of Dorfan trains, but collect almost anything and any type of operating model trains, unique structures and accessories.

Harold Shapiro's 'O' gauge Layout

Long time Western Division member Harold Shapiro received his 1st train from his dad when he was only 6 years old. It was a 1954 Lionel #6250 Seaboard switcher. His dad built a layout in their home's garage. It was on a basic 4' x 8' plywood base that used a series of pulleys, counter weights and ropes to raise it up to the ceiling so the family car could be brought into the garage. All these years later, Lionel Post-war era 'O' gauge is still the choice for Harold's collection, but there are some pieces of tinplate Pre-war 'O' gauge, Post-war American Flyer accessories, and a bit of modern era K-line that have creeped into the collection as well. Like his original layout, the current one is small, at 5' x 8', but can accommodate running multiple trains at a time, has an 'O72' loop, and is jam packed with operating accessories. See if you can find that original Seaboard switcher still hauling.

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