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About our club...

TCA Western 2012 member's raffle is a 1950 Lionel #773 Hudson Loco and tender with original boxes. Raffle tickets are $25 each. Only 100 tickets will be sold Have you been looking for that one cherished toy train item that you had when you were a child? Did your parents give your trains away when you went off to college? Do you yearn for those days when you came home from a hard day at school and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the running of your electric trains? Is there one train that you always wanted but could never find, and would love to finally get your hands on it? Well, a TCA Western division train meet is the place to find those lost treasures!

Thin your collection, or enhance your collection, the opportunity is here at the TCA Western Division train meets.

For those of you who yearn to operate the trains you have been stockpiling and collecting over the years, we have operating layouts available to facilitate your needs at TCA Western division meets. Everyone enjoys running the trains on the 'O' and Standard gauge loops You can normally find a loop or two of Pre-war Standard gauge, 'O' Gauge, 'O-27' gauge and sometimes 'G' or 'S'  gauge available in the 30' x 20' backroom space allocated for running trains. Whether its modern era command control equipped or postwar E-unit based, the layout is ready to handle whatever motive power you can provide. So bring a train to run, and enjoy an afternoon of fun. Guests and those interested in becoming members are always welcome. TCA Western Division meets are open meets. That means there is no admission fee charged. We encourage our fellow TCA members from other divisions to drop in on our monthly meets anytime they are in the Los Angeles area on vacation or visiting.

Each month we have a display theme. You will have an opportunity to see some of the rarest tinplate trains ever manufactured, Noted collector Ward Kimball shows off some of his rare pieces from the private collections of some of the most noted collectors in the world. These displays provide the opportunity for the novice or beginning collector, as well as for those merely interested in the hobby, to learn about the various types of trains that are collected, traded, prized and valued in this hobby.

The display themes also facilitate a method for those who own the prized collectibles to ‘show off’ these beautiful toys. Any member is welcome to bring an item for the display session. Please be prepared to tell us the story behind where you found it, how long you were searching for it, and what a bargain it was!

Each quarter we have an auction.The auction is always very lively and offers a great opportunity to bid on some great deals. EverythingBidding is   always fast and   furious at the TCA auction for the train hobbyist and collector, such as motive power in all gauges, rolling stock, accessories, books, memorabilia, and rare catalogues.

There is no reserve and no seller or buyer’s fee charged at the TCA Western Division auctions. The auction is held as a courtesy for TCA members to facilitate re-circulation of valuable train items within the membership at reasonable prices. If you are looking to liquidate a toy train collection, the Western Division auction would be the ideal mechanism to facilitate this process. Please contact a TCA Western Division Board Member if you would like more information about placing your train items in the monthly auction.

Eyes are glued to the next valuable train offering TCA Western Division is working hard to encourage a younger generation of enthusiasts to embrace the hobby of train collecting and operation. A special program has been developed with the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts can earn a merit badge in Model Railroading through completion of several exercises, including construction of O gauge, S gauge and G scale model train layouts, identification of ten different types of train cars, building a railroad structure (from scratch or using a kit), painting and weathering the model, learning several types of railroading signals, and then explaining these signals and the safety precautions to take while being around real trains. In the past, TCA Western Division has also held special "Children's Meets". We encouraged kids of all ages to come to this event. We also invited organizations who care for disabled, foster care or abused children to participate. At these meets Western Division donated starter train sets to organizations that care for needy and underprivileged children, disabled, abused and foster care children.

Standard Gauge Streamliners on display at the March 2024 Western Division Train Meet

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