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Limited Edition O gauge Union Pacific Flat Car with Broguiere's Dairy 1950's DIVCO milk vans

TCA Western Division Presents:

Limited Edition O gauge Union Pacific Flat Car with Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy 1950's DIVCO Milk Vans

Now Shipping!

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Fill out the form completely, mail to address listed on form along with proper payment.
Do not send cash.
Checks and money orders only.

$99.95 per flat car
Limited Time Offer Special Purchase on 2 Flat cars for $175

$12.95 Domestic Shipping for 1 flat car, $19.95 for 2 flat cars, add $2.00 each additional car ordered

Broguiere's Dairy logo The Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy story is a well known one amongst residents all over the state of California. Broguiere's has been a pivotal fixture of the community, popularly known for its old-timey glass bottles filled with creamy milk, hand-mixed chocolate milk and seasonal eggnog. The family-run business has been in existence for over 100 years. Its containers are adorned with the drawing of a horned cow and the playful words, "Milk So Fresh... The Cow Doesn't Know It's Missing" on the front, with images on the back that periodically change. They've become so popular over the years that fans collect the bottles and the bottle caps. eBay has a collection of special-edition vintage Broguiere's bottles that pay tribute to things like the Los Angeles Kings, space shuttle launches and even Halloween. Broguiere's is one of the last existing dairies that still uses glass bottles! These 1950's DIVCO milk vans are accurate 1:43 scale models of the exact vans that were utilized by Broguiere's Dairy to deliver their fresh milk and dairy products.

original Broguiere's Dairy DIVCO milk van
Milk so fresh... the cow doesn't know its gone!
One of the actual Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy DIVCO milk vans, still sitting at the dairy in Montebello, Ca

DIVCO was the brand name for a type of delivery truck built and marketed in the United States from 1926 until 1986. The name is an acronym that stands for Detroit Industrial Vehicles COmpany. These vehicles became known for their multi-stop delivery function, particularly in use as home delivery vehicles by dairy producers. A unique feature of the DIVCO trucks was that hand controls were configured to facilitate driving while standing, as the throttle and brake were mounted right on the steering column. The DIVCO milk van was once part of America's daily morning landscape when locally owned dairies delivered a wide variety of fresh dairy products door to door by the friendly milkman driving a DIVCO.

Artist's rendering of Broguiere's Dairy DIVCO Milk Van

Western Division started developing this project in early 2018 and worked hard to create an interesting car that would appeal to model train enthusiasts, die-cast vehicle collectors and the loyal customers and fans of the Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy itself. Diecast Direct, of Frankfort, KY worked with us on the design and manufacture of the custom decorated 1:43 scale 1950's DIVCO milk vans. This milk van is of the DIVCO-Twin Model U, first produced in 1948. These vans were manufactured utilizing the same tooling that was used in the production of the American Heritage Models series of DIVCO vans.

DIVCO Milk Van Features:

  • Die-cast Body
  • Movable Rubber Wheels
  • Opening Doors
  • ABS Plastic Detail Chrome Accessories
  • Accurately Printed graphics
  • 1:43 Scale
  • Removable From Flat Car

Flat Car Features:

  • Detailed O gauge Flat Car
  • Compatible With All 3-rail Track
  • Operating Knuckle Couplers
  • Metal Wheels
  • 10½" L x 2⅛" W x 2¾" H
  • Plastic Molded Flat Bed
  • Detailed Undercarriage

Only 300 of these Union Pacific Flat Cars, each carrying 2 die-cast Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy 1950's DIVCO milk vans were produced. These cars are now shipping! Place your order, don't get shut out!

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