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Varney Trains


Varney was a United States manufacturer of model railroad equipment.

A Varney 2-8-2 Mikado in HO gauge The company was founded by Gordon Varney in 1936 in Chicago, IL. Varney's main significance to the model railroad community was his early advocacy of the HO gauge and the development of a reliable V-1 6 volt motor small enough to power the locomotives of this gauge, and to pull a nice sized consist. Varney's catalogs were vivid, informative and contained editorials and fascinating exploded views that clearly show an understanding of the mind of model railroaders that still rings true today.

Varney 0-4-0T Dockside Lil Joe tank loco in HO gauge Varney first offered the 4-6-2 Pacific and the 2-8-0 Consolidation in the late 30's, early 40's. Early sales and distribution was all done via mail order. The majority of the products manufactured were kits. The loco kits were diecast, sheet metal and brass, while the rolling stock kits were wood & metal. HO scale was just beginning when these famous locomotives made their appearance. The Pacific had the USRA boiler style and was patterned after the Southern Pacific prototype. The Consolidation was designed after the Reading 2-8-0. Soon the 2-8-2 Mikado followed, and other models were added to the line. These trains were high quality, and this is attested to by the fact that 50 and 60 year old models are still in operation today. Early freight car sides, including reefers and boxcars, were pre-printed and sold with the slogan "No paint needed."

Varney 'O' gauge 4-6-0 kit from 1947 Varney made their first plastic kit as early as 1940, using a plastic called 'Tenite'. Tenite was an Varney HO scale 4-6-0 Casey Jones loco and tender #227 Richmond Fedricksburg & Potomoc RR injection molded acetate most often used for tool handles and control knobs of all sorts. Apart from locomotives and carriages Varney also made a series of HO-scale car and truck models. The vehicles were solid and had no interiors. Some were made of clear plastic. The models had black wheels and were sold both as ready-made painted models and as kits. There was also a brief endeavor to make and market ship and airplane kits, but sales were poor, and Varney wound up selling these molds to O-Lin.

Varney, along with Mantua Metal Products, was one of the premier manufacturers of HO gauge trains in the period between 1945 and 1955, offering an extensive line of locomotives and rolling stock. Varney's first postwar locomotive was a die-cast version of the prewar Baltimore and Ohio RR 'Little Joe' 0-4-0 tank Dockside switcher. It was a very popular seller and featured a Pittman DC-60 motor, and could be detailed using a valve gear kit from Central Valley Mfg.

Varney HO gauge 2-8-2 Super Mikado 1788K and Vanderbilt styleoil tender made 1949-1951 Other Varney steam locomotives of this era included a Reading RR-based heavy 2-8-0 Consolidation, a Southern Pacific-based P-7 Pacific 4-6-2, a freelance 4-6-4 Hudson, a freelance streamlined Pacific and Hudson, a freelance 4-8-4 Northern, a Southern Pacific-based 2-8-2 Mikado, a freelance 2-8-2 Mikado and a very similar 2-8-4 Berkshire utilizing the same superstructure casting. Varney also offered a bronze or aluminum superstructure casting for a 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone articulated, which when combined with appropriate Varney parts, made an impressive model. The tenders for all of these locomotives were sold separately. Choices included a Vanderbilt tender with 6-wheel trucks, two long-distance style coal tenders, a wood and cardstock tender for the streamlined Hudson/Pacific, and a die cast slope back tender that could be used with the Dockside Switcher. A 1947 Varney price list indicates that a #1913-K-4 kit could be purchased for $27.50.

Varney 2-8-8-4 articulated Yellowstone in HO gauge In 1947 Gordon Varney released an 'O' Scale 4-6-0 steam loco in kit form under the Varney name. This tooling was later sold to General Models Corp. In June of 1948, Varney issued the Hollywood And Western refrigerator car after deciding that there was a market for private owner car models. That car kit, along with the Firewater & Kicking Horse boxcar were the first recorded mass-produced private owner cars ever made available to the public in HO scale.

Varney made AC Gilbert C&O F-3 in HO circa 1955 In 1955, the by then Miami, Florida based Varney Co. produced a whole new and varied line of HO trains, for the AC Gilbert Co, makers of the 'S' gauge American Flyer trains, called Gilbert HO. Varney provided A-B F-3 diesels and the first HO scale boxcars to ever be offered by Gilbert. They also provided stock, hopper, a cement car, oil tank cars, and a Reading style caboose. Even though Gilbert had HO gauge trains in its product line since 1938, the 4 year collaboration with Varney brought the highest quality and finest attempts at HO scale offerings. Varney's Varney 2-8-2 Super Mikado 1788K 1948-1951 interest in helping Gilbert was somewhat personal, as Gordon Varney felt that by increasing Gilbert's sales of ready-to-run HO, his line of HO kits would also benefit from the increased market demand. Unfortunately, sales did not achieve the expected results. Around this time, Varney also put out a nice diecast HO GG1 from tooling it had acquired from Penn Line.

Varney sold the company in 1960. Gordon Varney died five years later. In 1985, the Model Railroad Industry Association, Inc. named Gordon Varney a Pioneer of Model Railroading. Today, train collectors actively Varney HO scale #653 New Haven Yard Switcher Engine seek and prize the Varney products produced during the 10 year post war era. Some engines sell in the $500 range, which is unusual for HO gauge trains.

Today, versions of many former Varney products remain on the market in the Bowser Manufacturing and Life Like lines. This includes the Aerotrain in plastic that Gordon Varney created the molds for, and that Bowser has used over the years as a basis for its Aerotrain models in HO Scale. Bowser also still makes the Old Lady (2-8-0), Casey Jones (4-6-0), and Little Joe Docksider (0-4-0T) steam locos.

Varney HO Metal SL-SF Frisco Box Car #17774 Varney #1721 Union Pacific 307014 Metal body #1 Box Car Varney Buffalo Creek Railroad 40' single door box car Varney AT&SF 40' AAR Outside Braced Wood Boxcar with Kadee couplers Varney HO #71473 Pennsylvania RR 40' Box Car Varney Santa Fe Railroad 40' single door box car Varney HO Louisville & Nashville #97149 B-209 steel type boxcar Varney HO SOO LINE #45398 40' single door box car Varney HO #3529 Great Northern B-206 steel type boxcar Varney HO #140449 Atlantic Coast Line Stock Car Varney HO Scale #81492 B & LE 40' Box car Varney HO #22145 NC & ST L Dixieland 40' Freight Car Varney Liebmann Packing Company Railroad 40' reefer Varney HO Scale  #24248 ART American Refrigerator Transit 40' Reefer car Varney Metal HO Santa Fe El Capitan Reefer #8131

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