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Atlas 'O' 2-rail Gold 8-40BW BNSF 5070 Wide Cab Locomotive Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc. makes scale models in N scale, HO scale, and 'O' gauge 2-rail and 3-rail under several different product brand names. An American company based out of Hillside, NJ, they produce a wide variety of locomotives, rolling stock, track, and vehicles. They are known for their flex track and codes 55 and 80 N scale, and 83 and 100 HO scale track. Atlas also makes structures and bridges. Begining in the 1960's they also made HO gauge Slot Cars for racing in 1:32 and 1:24 scale and complete Slot Car track kits.

Atlas Master Two Truck Shay #41627 unlettered in N scale circa 2009 The company was originally founded in 1924 by Stephan Schaffan Sr. (1877-1948). It began as a general machine shop in a small garage at 330 Waverly Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. Stephan Schaffan Sr. had immigrated from Czechoslovakia around the turn of the century and brought his machine and toolmaking skills with him. In 1933, after graduating first in his class from Essex County Vocational School, Stephan Schaffan Jr. (1918-1983) joined his father in the business at age 16. Atlas Tool Company became a father and son team.

Atlas Silver Series HO gauge #10001467 Canadian Pacific S-2 Diesel Switcher circa 2003 Steve Jr. liked to build model airplanes as a hobby and frequently visited a local hobby shop. Being an enterprising young man, he would often ask the owner if there was anything he could do to earn some extra spending money. Tired of listening to his requests, the hobby-store owner threw some model railroad track parts his way and said, "Here, see if you can improve on this".

Atlas #0460-1 Delaware & Hudson Trainman® RS-3 Diesel Loco in 'O' gauge road number 4127 circa 2007 In those days, railroad modelers had to assemble and build everything from scratch. Stephan Jr. developed a fixture to solder model railroad turnouts together. Steve Jr. also created a "switch kit" which allowed the user to stop and start a locomotive by controlling the electrical current to the tracks. These kits sold so well, that the entire family worked on building them in the basement at night, while doing business as usual in the machine shop during the day.

Subsequently, Steve Jr. engineered the stapling of rail to fiber track, along with inventing the first practical rail joiner and pre-assembled turnouts and flexible track. All of these products, and more, helped to popularize model railroading and assisted in the creation of a mass-market hobby. The budding entrepreneur quickly outgrew the limitations of a basement and small garage operation. Realizing they could actually make a living selling track and related products, Steve and his father had the first factory built in Hillside, New Jersey at 413 Florence Avenue in 1947. On September 30th, 1949, Atlas Tool Company Inc. was officially incorporated as a New Jersey company. Over time, the tool division was finally dwarfed by the model railroad side and eventually the company changed its name to Atlas Model Railroad, also known as Atlas Model Trains.

Steve went on to be a worldwide leader and an innovator in the hobby. He created the Super-Flex® Track products, Snap-Switches®, and Custom-Line® Turnouts. Steve’s efforts in Europe, Asia and the United States brought model railroading to a new level, and hobbyists have him to thank for the reliability and durability they enjoy in the multitude of Atlas track products.

Atlas 'O' #0307-1 Union Pacific GP-15 diesel for 3-rail circa 2005 Atlas Code 100 HO track features black ties with nickel silver rail. Code 83 HO track has prototypical brown ties and nickel silver rail. Code 83 and Code 100 track can be used together with Atlas transition joiners. True-Track® is Atlas' line with true-to-prototype gray graveled roadbed. In HO, this track utilizes Code 83 track snapped into a grey base. Unlike the majority of tracks the True-Track doesn’t have to be secured, the roadbed base doesn’t have to be secured to the table or bench for a train to run properly. Code 80 N scale track has black ties and nickel silver rail. It is available in an extensive line that includes Snap-Track® and Super-Flex® Track brands. Code 55 N track is designed for the scale modeler. It has simulated brown ties and a lower rail profile than Code 80 track. There is also an N gauge True-Track® that uses a Code 65 roadbed with tie spacing matching the US prototype and simulated ballast roadbed in gray with mottled highlights and dark brown ties.

Atlas N Scale #49433 NJ Central SD-35 low-nose diesel #2504 circa 2000 In 1985, Steve was honored posthumously for his landmark inventions by the Model Railroad Industry Association and was inducted into the Model Railroad Industry Hall of Fame in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition, Steve was nominated and entered into the National Model Railroad Association Pioneers of Model Railroading in 1995. In 2000, Stephan Jr. was given a 'Special Honor Award' and inducted into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame.

Atlas N Scale by Mehanotehnika #2154 Alco RSC-2 New York Central circa 1968 Over time Atlas expanded their product line to include much more than just track. Atlas Tool Co. began offering a complete line of N scale trains in 1967. Early steam and Diesel models were made by Rivarossi (Italy) and Mehanotehnika (Yugoslavia). Eventually there were 11 different locomotive types produced in this first generation. Freight cars were made by Rivarossi and Roco (Austria). Some of the freight cars were painted in Yugoslavia. The Atlas 'first generation' consisted of a wide variety of body styles, a number of which had never been made before in 1:160, and a few of which have not been made since. Passenger cars were made by Rivarossi. Atlas also had a line of structure kits made by Pola (Germany) and Faller. These trains became the backbone of N Scale layouts everywhere during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Locomotives included an 0-4-0 switcher, 4-6-2 Pacific, 2-8-2 Mikado, Alco RSC-2, Fairbanks Morse C-Liner, EMD E8/E9, EMD GP40, and EMD SD45. An EMD SW1500 (cow and calf) was introduced in 1971. The initial locomotive offerings were the Atlas N Scale #2103 EMD E8/E9 UP Diesel Locomotive made in Italy by Rivarossi circa 1967 model of the Electro Motive Division's E8/E9 and a model of the Fairbanks-Morse's CPA-20-5 'C-Liner' with the six-wheel rear truck. They were manufactured by Rivarossi in Italy and were the beginning of what would become a fairly extensive line of locomotives from Atlas. The FM units were available in Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Milwaukee, Pennsylvania, and Southern Pacific road names. They were available as either powered or dummy units. The powered units sold for $10.98. The E8/E9 came in Santa Fe, B & O or Pennsylvania road names initially and cost $12.98. Later, Union Pacific and Chicago & North Western were added. A vertically mounted, three pole, can type motor and kingpin worm and gear drive was utilized to power both the FM 'C-Liners' and the EMD E8/E9's. But in the 'C-Liners' the motor drove the front truck while in the E8/E9 the two rear truck axles in the loco were powered. All the locomotives were lighted.

Atlas/Rivarossi N gauge 4-6-2 USRA Pacific Loco & tender #2117 Grand Trunk Western circa 1968 Rivarossi went on to provide 4 different steam outline engines in N scale for Atlas. Yugoslavian producer Mehanotehnika supplied 4 different N scale diesels and 1 steam outline locomotive. Atlas' 3rd N scale locomotive was the Rivarossi built Alco IHB 0-8-0's produced in early 1968. July 1968 saw the release of the Alco RSC-2's produced by Mehanotehnika. In December 1968, Atlas announced the release of the WDT industrial switcher, the USRA Pacific 4-6-2, and the Electro Motive Division's GP40. The GP40 and the WDT were manufactured by Mehanotehnika and the Pacific by Rivarossi. The March 1969 issue of Model Railroader Magazine hearalded the Atlas 0-6-0 Tank steam locos made by Mehanotehnika. September 1969 saw the release of the final Mehanotehnika built offering, the EMD SD45. Just in time for Christmas, in December 1969 Atlas released its USRA Mikado 2-8-2 steam locomotive produced by Rivarossi. In May of 1970 Atlas made available its Rivarossi built 0-4-0 steam locomotive. The Atlas EMD SW1500 Cows & Calfs issued in early 1971 were the final Rivarossi produced offering. Atlas continued importing the Rivarossi N gauge locomotives through 1977, at which point the relationship ceased.

Atlas N Scale 1st Generation Freight Cars Circa 1967
Atlas N #2293 Mobilgas 3 Dome Tank Car by Roco Atlas N scale #2262 Frontier Chemical 1 Dome Tank Car Atlas N #2334 Great Northern 50' 2 Door Box Car by Roco Atlas N #2241 SOO Line 2-Bay Ribside Open Hopper by Roco Atlas N #2252 New York Central 40' Stock Car by Roco circa 1967 Atlas N #2342 Norfolk & Western 50' depressed center flat car Atlas N #2365 1st generation 40' outside braced Single Sheathed wood box car, lettered for Chicago and Illinois Midland, C&IM RN #8045 circa 1967 by Rivarossi Atlas N #3031 Atomic Energy Dept ATMX Helium Tank Car by Roco Atlas N #2232 Reading RR 40' Composite Outside Braced Gondola by Roco Atlas N #2423 CN 4-bay Offset Hopper by Rivarossi Atlas N #2397 Morrell Refrigerator Line 40' Steel Ice Reefer by Rivarossi Atlas N #2436 Burlington Route Bay Window Caboose by Rivarossi

Atlas N by Rivarossi #2125 Southern Pacific FM C-Liner Diesel Loco circa 1967 The first generation of N scale freight cars featured 40' steel box cars with either single, double or plug doors, 50' steel double door box cars, 40' single sheathed wood box cars, 86' steel hi-cube box cars, 40' steel plug door refrigerator cars, 50' plug door mechanical refrigerator cars, 40' hinged door steel ice refrigerator cars, 40' cattle cars, 40' stock cars, 85' steel hi-cube stock cars, 40' bulkhead flat cars, depressed center flat cars with loads, piggyback flats with trailers, 40' standard flat cars, 60' bulkhead log flat cars, 50' container flat cars, auto rack cars, 40' outside braced gondolas, 40' steel gondolas, 2 bay ribside hoppers, 4 bay steel offset hoppers, 3 bay covered hoppers, center flow covered hoppers, 1 dome chemical tank cars, 3 dome tank cars, jumbo tank cars, water (vinegar) tank cars, helium tank cars, end cupola cabooses and bay window cabooses. Among the Atlas freight cars were an unusual 94' whale belly tank car with four trucks. The 'first generation' of Atlas cars ended with the release of the 94' whale belly tank cars, and the 'second generation' began with the release of the beer can tank cars, which were made by Atlas in the United States. In between generations Atlas issued N scale freight car kits for a short period of time. Four types of kits were produced. These were 40' box cars, 40' stock cars, 50' double door automobile box cars and ore cars. All were later produced ready-to-run (RTR). Exquisitely detailed limited run cars made in China for Atlas, like the 33,000 gallon tank cars, are considered to be the 'third generation' of their N product line.

Atlas N scale Beer can Tank Car BSAF Wyandotte #78570 Atlas N scale Suburban Propane 33,000 gallon tank car 37037-SD

Atlas HO #7031 Santa Fe GP40 Diesel RN 3700 Made by Roco Circa 1976 In the 1970's Atlas began to offer HO scale EMD Diesel locomotives made by Roco that included GP9, GP30, SD24, SD35, GP38, GP40, FP7 and F9A equipment. To accompany these finely detailed locomotives in sets, Atlas initially included rolling stock it acquired from Athearn. Atlas eventually began the manufacture of their own freight cars at their factory in New Jersey. Alco FA1 and EMD E7A locomotives made by Roco were introduced in the late 1970's. These locos were considered to be trend-setters in the marketplace. They included scale-width hoods, flexible well detailed plastic handrails and plastic truckside frames with good depth and detail. These features of the mid 1970's Atlas locos set them apart from the competition. In 1983, Atlas offered an Alco RS-3 made by Kato (Japan). Other locomotives made by Kato would follow throughout the 1980's. These included Alco RS-11's (1985), RSD-4/5's (1985), RSD-12's (1986), Century 424 and 425 models (1986), RS-1's (1987), and the final offering of an EMD GP7 (1989). Kato entered the American HO scale diesel market under its own name in 1991 with an SD-40 release. Atlas relied on its old partner Roco of Austria for updated GP38, GP40, and FP7 offerings, plus all-new Alco S-2 (1986) and S-4 (1990) releases. The U33C/U36C was the first Atlas-built locomotive and was released in 1993. It represented modern Atlas product and followed Kato construction practices.

Atlas HO Scale 1st Generation Diesel Locomotives
Atlas HO #8231 by Kato C&NW Chicago & North Western GP-7 Diesel Locomotive RN 1524 circa 1989 Atlas HO #7042 Union Pacific FP-7 Diesel Loco RN 912 by Roco Circa 1970's Atlas HO #8012 New York Central RS-3 Diesel RN 8233 by Kato made late 1980's Atlas HO #7014 Southern Pacific EMD SD35 by Roco circa 1975 Atlas HO #7004 Southern SD24 Diesel Locomotive RN 2504 1975 release made by Roco

Atlas HO #8071 Rio Grande Alco S2 diesel circa 1986 by Roco Atlas HO scale #8734 South Buffalo S-2 Diesel Locomotive RN 103 made 2004 Over time Atlas products were produced for almost every aspect of HO and N scale model railroading. In N scale, Atlas developed a collection of 45 freight car types in more than 550 paint schemes, each with fine detailing and quality painting and printing. Atlas’ ready-to-run HO line was also very extensive and included over 25 different freight car types, in more than 265 paint schemes. Atlas HO and N scale locomotives became recognized for their prototypical, fine details, printing, reliability, excellent throttle response, and smooth operation at slow speeds. To power layouts on which these locomotives ran, Atlas produced a variety of electrical components.

Atlas 'O' Amtrak AEM-7/ALP-44 Electric Locomotive In 1972 Atlas entered the 'O' scale world, introducing a line of cars and locomotives. This line launched with an F-unit, four freight cars, and a caboose for 2-rail operation. Initial products were made by Roco Modellspielwaren in Austria. The four freight cars included 40' sliding-door and plug-door boxcars, as well as a stock car and a 52' gondola. The Atlas 'O' caboose was a mid-1960's wide-vision prototype. The caboose and three 40-footers included rooftop running boards. The models rolled on plastic friction-style sideframe trucks with plastic wheels. The line’s motive power and rolling stock came fitted with non-functioning plastic knuckle couplers with a long straight pole sticking out of the bottom of the coupler’s knuckle at the shank. Those couplers came mounted on most equipment to allow operation on tight (24") curves. Though the line’s design was 2-rail, Atlas acknowledged the leader in 'O' with the statement that its 40' cars would work on O-27 curves, and the provided non-functioning couplers mated with Lionel equipment. While many of the selections in the early-1970's Atlas O-scale line featured counterparts offered by Roco in other scales, the F9A diesel was a unique tooling not duplicated elsewhere. The F9A diesel model retailed for $30 and was all-wheel powered using a 12-volt DC can motor. Road names for Atlas’ F9A included Burlington Northern (#6102), Chesapeake & Ohio (#6103), Santa Fe (#6101), and Union Pacific (#6104). The newest livery produced for this F9A was the Cascade Green Burlington Northern scheme. The appearance included the “hockey stick” early example of Burlington Northern’s 1970 debut colors. The other offerings, Chesapeake & Ohio (blue-and-yellow), Santa Fe (Passenger Warbonnet), and Union Pacific, featured older liveries dating from the 1940's. These diesel models earned the reputation of being good runners.

Early Atlas 'O' Scale Trains Produced by Roco Circa 1971-72
Atlas 'O' by Roco #6104 Union Pacific F9A Diesel locomotive issued in 1972 Atlas 'O' #6202 Illinois Central 40' Box Car 1971 release made by Rocco Atlas 'O' Scale #6224 Union Pacific 40' Stock Car 2-rail Circa 1971 Atlas 'O' Scale #6263, Bessemer & Lake Erie ore car 2-rail circa 1970's
Atlas 'O' Scale #6241 Western Pacific 40' insulated plug door box car circa 1971 Atlas 'O' #6242 Detroit Toledo & Ironton DTI 40' insulted plug door box car 1971 release Atlas 'O' #6211 Great Northern 52' Gondola from 1972 Atlas 'O' #6231 ATSF Santa Fe Wide Vision Caboose circa 1972

Atlas 'O' #6122 Illinois Central Plymouth WDT Industrial Switcher circa 1972 by Roco By 1975 the 'O' scale line had grown to include a Plymouth MDT industrial diesel switcher to accompany the F9A. Freight offerings included 5 cars and 2 cabooses. The new caboose was a 4-wheel bobber. An ore car was the only new freight offering. But Atlas did begin to offer scale wheel sets with RP25 flanges and working scale magnetic couplers. The Atlas 'O' scale train sets of the 1970s were complete offerings that provided loco, cars, and caboose, plus an oval of track, a 2 amp powerpack and wire. These F9A sets retailed for $60. The Plymouth WDT sets retailed for $45. Both came in cardboard boxes with illustrated full color lids. Unfortunately, market conditions at the time related to hobbyist's demand for HO scale products caused Atlas to cease 'O' scale production until 1997. Since then Atlas expanded its 'O' scale line substantially, offering three different types of highly-detailed track systems and complete sets.

Atlas O Gauge 4-Wheel Caboose #6253 Reading circa 1975 In the early 1990's, the Atlas Tool Co. changed its name to Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc. In 1997 Atlas O, LLC was established as a separate business entity dedicated to producing multiple lines of 'O' scale model railroad products including track, freight cars, locomotives and accessories, co-founded and led by James J. Weaver. James J. Weaver (1950 - 2011) was the executive vice-president of Atlas O, LLC, and is recognized as the co-founder, along with Tom Haedrich, of that organization. He spent 15 years with Atlas, starting in August of 1996 and he worked until the week of his passing. While Jim had been responsible for the production of all Atlas O products, his best known achievement, and the one that gave him greatest satisfaction, was the creation of the entire line of Atlas O’s 21st Century Track. In 2005 Atlas introduced its new Trainman™ collection, which included several of the classic original toolings from the 1970's, such as the 40' box cars, 40' stock cars, 52' gondola and wide vision caboose.

Atlas 'O' #6106-1 Texas & Pacific EMD SW8 Diesel Locomotive, 3-rail version In 1997 Atlas re-entered into the 'O' scale market with solid nickel-silver 2 and 3-rail track systems as well as with SW8 and SW9 EMD Switcher locos that were a big hit with scale model operators. Called 'a gem' by Classic Toy Trains magazine, and 'state of the art' by O Gauge Railroading magazine, the SW-8/9 locomotives featured a die-cast chassis, truck side frames and hood, prototypically correct standard or M.U. type pilots, scale handrails and cut levers, separately applied grab irons, see-through steps and foot boards, detailed cab interior with fully painted crew figures, see-through etched metal grills, 8 wheel drive, and a dual flywheel-equipped precision can motor. The switchers were available in both 2-rail and 3-rail versions. The 3-rail SW8 and SW9 were equipped Atlas 'O' #6179-1 Union Pacific EMD SW9 Switcher 2-rail with the Dallee Electronics Big 'O' sound system and operating system. The Dallee system allowed for horn, bell, and prime mover sounds, regulated directional lighting, a selector switch for either forward-first or neutral-first operation, volume control and was fully compatible with Lionel TrainMaster Control in conventional mode. Early road names were an SW8 in NYC, with Pennsylvania and CNJ for the SW9.

Atlas 'O' scale 40' Wood Sided Refrigerator Cars
Atlas 'O' scale Baby Ruth 40' Wood Side Reefer Atlas 'O' scale Boote's Hatcheries 40' Woodside Reefer Car #6732 for 3-rail circa 2002 Atlas 'O' scale Bordens 40' Wood Side Reefer Atlas 'O' scale Pacific Egg Producers 40' Wood Side Reefer #8086 for 3-rail
Atlas 'O' scale Edelweiss 40' Wood Side Reefer Atlas 'O' scale Erie Union Transit 40' Wood Side Reefer #6701 for 3-rail circa 2002 Atlas 'O' scale Grand Union Markets 40' Wood Side Reefer #6792 3-rail circa 2004 Atlas 'O' #6711 Phenix Cheese Wood Side Reefer for 3-rail circa 2000
Atlas 'O' scale Del Maiz Niblets 40' Wood Side Reefer #6733 for 3-rail made 2002 Atlas 'O' Scale ATSF SFRD 40' Wood Reefer #6702 for 3-rail circa 2001 Atlas 'O' scale Pabst-ett 40' Wood Side Reefer #8188 for 3-rail circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Stokely's 40' Wood Side Reefer #8189 for 3-rail circa 2006
Atlas 'O' scale Carling Brewing 40' Wood Side Reefer #9144 for 2-rail circa 2005 Atlas 'O' scale Roberts & Oake Re-built Wood Side Reefer for 2-rail #9162 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Miller & Hart 40' Wood Side Reefer for 2-rail #9161 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale M.D.T. (NYC) 40' Wood Side Reefer #8153 for 3-rail circa 2004
Atlas 'O' scale Western Pacific PFE 40' Wood Side Reefer #9179 for 2-rail circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Holland Butter Re-built 40' Wood Side Reefer for 2-rail #9160 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Atlas Lion Milk 40' Wood Side reefer #9197 for 2-rail Atlas 'O' scale Harding Butter 40' Wood Side Reefer #11619 for 2-rail
Atlas 'O' scale Wilson's Milk 40' Wood Side Reefer #8199 for 3-rail Atlas 'O' scale Lackawanna Re-built 40' Wood Side Reefer for 2-rail #9156 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Narragansett Ale 40' Wood Side Reefer #7722 for 2-rail Atlas 'O' scale Supreme in Flavor Merchant's Biscuit Co. 40' Wood Side Reefer #9103 for 2-rail

Atlas was besieged with requests from hobbyists for Steam Era type freight cars. Tom Haedrich and Jim Weaver were looking for the right car, not previously produced, which would best suit the 'O' scale market. Atlas’ desire to give the 'O' Scale market a car that would rival the brass markets for their quality and detail, and paint schemes that had never been even attempted in the other scales, led to the development of 40' Wood Sided reefers based on custom scratch built models designed by 'O' scale Hall of Famer Bob Wagner (1912 - 1999). With the use of actual blue prints and colorized photos that Bob Wagner had taken and painted himself, and using the 42 hand-painted reefers that Bob had built, Atlas had the details they needed to produce the perfect car they were looking for. Atlas management saw the opportunity to build exact replicas of the cars that were the most colorful freight ever manufactured, and which had enriched this era of railroading. Through Atlas, the work of a talented and wonderful man, Bob Wagner, lives on. The Atlas 40' wood reefer model is based on a prototype built by Pullman in 1930. It features wooden ends and sides, a wood roof and a stout USRA style underframe. The model also has opening roof hatches and side doors. This was among the first models introduced by Atlas upon their return to 'O' scale. It's level of detail and great popularity helped to push other manufacturers to produce ever more detailed 'O' scale freight cars.

Atlas 'O' scale 36' Wood Sided Billboard Refrigerator Cars
Atlas 'O' scale #8015-5 Oppenheimer Casings 36' Wood Side Billboard Reefer 3-rail RN 8028 circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Swifts Premium Bacon 36' Wood Side Reefer 2-rail #9054 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Evansville Packing Co. 36' Wood Side reefer 3-rail #8032 circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Hygrade Meats 36' Wood Side Billboard Reefer #3001412 for 3-rail circa 2012
Atlas 'O' T. N. Fosse 36' Wood Side Reefer 2-rail #9055 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Libby's Food Products 36' Wood Side Billboard Reefer #8053 for 3-rail circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Krey's Meats 36' Wood Side Billboard Reefer #8009 for 3-rail circa 2003 Atlas 'O' Swift 36' Wood Side Refrigerator Car 3-rail #8012 circa 2005
Atlas 'O' scale Cliquot Club Ginger Ale 36' Wood Side Billboard Reefer #8022 for 3-rail circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Selecto Ham & Bacon 36' Wood Sided Billboard Reefer #8011 3-rail circa 2003 Atlas 'O' Westcott & Winks 36' Wood Side Reefer 2-rail #9056 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Cudahy Puritan 36' Wood Side Billboard Reefer #8001 for 3-rail circa 2002
Atlas 'O' scale Atlantic Seaboard Despatch 36' Wood Side Reefer for 2-rail #9052 circa 2006 Atlas 'O' scale Columbus Packing Co. Capital Brand 36' Wood Side Reefer for 2-rail #9041 circa 2004 Atlas 'O' scale Quaker City Line Crown Brand 36' Wood Side Reefer for 3-rail #8033 circa 2004 Atlas 'O' scale Raths Blackhawk Ham 36' Wood Side reefer for 3-rail #8035 circa 2004
Atlas 'O' scale Peter Fox Brewing Co. 36' Wood Side reefer for 3-rail #8025 circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Kahn's Dressed Beef 36' Wood side Reefer for 2-rail #9044 circa 2004 Atlas 'O' scale Pearl Brand Packing 36' Wood Side reefer for 3-rail #8024 circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Nuckoll's Packing Co. Pike's Peak Brand 36' Wood Side Reefer #8010 for 3-rail circa 2003
Atlas 'O' scale Nickel Plate 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8017 for 3-rail circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Pluto Water 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8018 for 3-rail circa 2003 Atlas 'O' scale Meyer Kornblum 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8034 for 3-rail circa 2004 Atlas 'O' scale Southern Star Meats 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8019 for 3-rail circa 2003
Atlas 'O' scale A&P 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8047 for 3-rail circa 2005 Atlas 'O' scale North American Despatch 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8048 for 3-rail circa 2005 Atlas 'O' scale Cliquot Club 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #8049 for 3-rail circa 2005 Atlas 'O' scale Noack & Sons White House Brand 36' Woodside Refrigerator Car #9042 for 2-rail circa 2004

In 2002 Atlas produced the first of their 36' refrigerator cars. The model was based on a car type built by General American in 1925 for Cudahy Packing. It featured simulated wooden sides and ends, a wooden roof, die-cast chassis, detailed braking system, opening hatches and doors, and 40-ton Bettendorf-style die-cast sprung trucks with die-cast couplers. The Atlas models have been used to depict cars decorated for a wide variety of meat packers, dairies and brewers as well as class 1 railroads that were in use well into the 1960's.

Atlas 'O' scale #9538-1 Wilson Car Lines 40' Steel Reefer for 2-rail circa 2010 Early prototypical refrigerator cars were built making extensive use of wood. The natural insulating properties of wood made it an excellent material for refrigerator car construction. However, wood or wood sided cars required higher maintenance than all steel cars. As better insulating materials became available in the 1930's car builders began to construct refrigerator cars with all steel exteriors. Intermountain was one of the first to produce 'O' scale plastic models of 40' steel sided ice bunker refrigerator cars. Atlas acquired the tooling from Intermountain and released their first steel side reefers in 2003. This model is based on the Pacific Fruit Express R-40-10 class reefer which was built in 1936 & 1937. This reefer was a very successful design for PFE and the 4,700 cars that were built constituted one of the largest orders ever for refrigerator cars. Like all cars from this tooling they have Murphy rectangular panel roofs and 4/4 dreadnought ends. The detail parts on the Atlas cars are less fragile than the earlier Intermountain, Red Caboose or K-line versions yet are still quite delicate. While some early versions are on the light side the 3-rail Atlas cars weigh 19½ ounces. The models feature true ¼" dimensions and details including die-cast ladders, stirrups and grab irons, a weighted chassis and 50-ton Bettendorf trucks with operating couplers.

Atlas 'O' Trainman® 40' Plug Door Insulated Box Cars
Atlas 'O' #0526 Fruit Growers Express Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' #0528 Trainman® Northern Pacific Railway 40' RBL class insulated Box car made 2005 Atlas 'O' #0529 ATSF Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' #0577 Jersey Central Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005
Atlas 'O' #0581 ART Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' #0582 Cotton Belt Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' #0583 New York Central Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' #0584 PRR Trainman® 40' Plug Door Box Car circa 2005

Atlas 0-6-0 'O' USRA diecast steam loco circa 2006 In 2006 the first Atlas 'O' scale steam locomotive was released in the form of a USRA 0-6-0 Switcher with versions available for both 3 and 2-rail operation. It featured die-cast construction, illuminated headlight and tender back-up light, movable cab windows, opening cab roof hatches, opening tender water hatch for access to control switches, scale couplers and wheelsets, and an operating smoke unit. The 3-rail version was Lionel® TrainMaster® Command Equipped featuring RailSounds™ digital sound system (including whistle, bell, chuff and steam sounds) and Crew Talk®. The 2-rail version was DCC ready or could be ordered with the QSI® Quantum System.

Atlas O 3-Rail PRR Position Signal 4 #6926 Also in 2006 Atlas released a model RR Signal System in HO & N scales. Atlas’ signal systems allow modelers to add one, or a series of interlocking signals to their layouts, which turn red, green and yellow to mimic real railroad traffic control.

To complement its train products, Atlas offered a library of layout instruction books containing information on modeling techniques, technology, and layout designs. Atlas also offered free computer software for download on its website, that is used for designing track plans for layouts that use Atlas track products.

Atlas partnered with QSI Industries, Inc., of Beaverton, Oregon, a manufacturer of model train sound technology to equip their high end HO locomotive products with the QSI® Quantum System™. Atlas equipped their high end 3-rail 'O' scale locomotives with the Lionel® Train-Master® Command Control (TMCC) system. This permitted operation of multiple trains on the same track without the need for complex wiring, and provided realistic digitized sounds including horn, bell, diesel-roar sounds, braking and Crew Talk.

Atlas 'O' Milwaukee Road F-7 A & B units for 2-rail In 2007 Atlas O, LLC, purchased the 'O' scale assets of Industrial Rail™, formerly owned by Hobbico. The rolling stock line included freight cars, a trolley and handcar. Before Hobbico, Industrial Rail™ was owned by its creator, United Model Distributors. United Model Distributors (UMD) had first introduced their Industrial Rail products in 1998. The trains they produced were O27 gauge value priced and affordable rolling stock featuring multiple road numbers, modern road names, die cast metal trucks and wheels, operating couplers and accurately painted color schemes. The quality and value of Industrial Rail trains helped to spark the creation of other popular O27 products such as K-Lines's Train 19 and MTH's Rugged Rails. It also pushed Lionel into taking a second look at the quality of their own 027 offerings at the time.

Atlas 'O' #1407-2 Boston & Maine GP-9 Diesel locomotive circa 2005 Atlas 'O' #0302-1 Chessie System Trainman® GP15-1 diesel Locomotive circa 2007 Atlas 'O' #6809-2 Norfolk & Western SD-35 High Nose Diesel Loco made 2000 Atlas 'O' #6808-2 Western Maryland SD-35 Low Nose with Trainmaster & Rail Sounds 3-rail made 2000

Atlas 'O' Custom Decorated CNJ GP-9 diesel for 3-rail using #1400 Undecorated loco from 2004 On March 1, 2011 Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc. announced that it had purchased all rolling stock assets, including molds, inventory and other items of Branchline Trains Inc., of East Hartford, CT. Branchline Trains began producing the HO Blueprint Series of freight car kits, passenger car kits detail parts, and Yardmaster freight car kits in 1998. 2011 also saw the induction of James J. Weaver into the 'O' Scale Hall of Fame.

Atlas also produced injection-molded ready to run 1:87 scale plastic models of Ford protoype automobiles and trucks.

Atlas 'O' Hopper Cars
Atlas 'O' scale ACF Coalveyor Hopper Unitrain Atlas 'O' #6320 Petrothene USI 3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper circa 2006 Atlas 'O' #6303 Erie lackawanna 3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper circa 2006 Atlas 'O' #6317 CSX 3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper circa 2006
Atlas 'O' ACF 6-Bay Cylindrical Hopper BN 443054 for 3-rail Atlas 'O' #6318 Cumberland Chemical 3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper circa 2006 Atlas 'O' #6319 Hercules 3 Bay Cylindrical Hopper circa 2006 Atlas 'O' PRR H21a Circle Keystone Hopper Car-3R

Atlas HO scale #704 Signal Tower Atlas was originally two companies - Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc., which included all HO & N Scale products, and Atlas O, LLC, encompassing 'O' Scale and traditional O-27 products. In late 2011 it was announced that Atlas O, LLC was merged with Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc. making Atlas O a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc. On January 26, 2012 it was announced that Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc. had purchased all 'O' scale structure tooling, as well as existing 'O' scale structure inventory, from Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. and the structures were made available from Atlas under the Atlas O product brand.

Atlas states that its primary mission is to produce and offer to the public, multiple scale lines of high quality, model railroad products based on prototype information. Atlas products include a Traditional Sized Line, a high-end Master Line™ and mid-level, affordable Trainman™ line in 'O', HO and N gauges. Atlas’ philosophy is based on a dedicated commitment to prototype research, design and construction. The desired and demanded goal is to create, market and distribute durable operational scale models utilizing the full range of exacting detail which accurately depicts life-sized objects, while providing exceptional service to customers. There is a wealth of on-line content relating to the Atlas range, including a YouTube channel offering many videos of their products in action, as well as a downloadable layout planning program.

Atlas 'O' scale Union Pacific TTX articulated auto carrier circa 2001

By keeping up the high standards set by Steve Schaffan many years ago, Atlas strived to remain a leader in innovation and technology in the model railroading industry. Although many things have changed since incorporation in 1949, Atlas followed the tradition and values of its founders and remained a family run business. Steve Schaffan's only child, Diane, served as president and her husband, Tom Haedrich, was CEO/Chairman of the Board and oversaw day-to-day company operations through 2013. Haedrich had been involved with Atlas since 1989, holding numerous positions with the company over the years. Tom was also an 'O' scale Hall of Fame honoree, having been inducted in Parsippany in 2012. Paul Graf was named as the new chief executive officer, while Jarrett Schaffan Haedrich, great-grandson of Atlas founder Stephan J. Schaffan Sr., was promoted from vice president of marketing to chief operating officer.

Atlas 'O' Trainman® 40' Stock Cars
Atlas 'O' #0609 Union Pacific Trainman® 40' Stock Car made 2005 Atlas 'O' gauge #0656 Chesapeake & Ohio Trainman 40' Stock Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' gauge #0657 CP Rail Trainman 40' Stock Car circa 2005 Atlas 'O' gauge #0658 ATSF Trainman 40' Stock Car circa 2005

Atlas 'O' #1332-2 Delaware & Hudson Alco C-628 Phase 1 Unpowered Diesel Loco made 2005 On January 6, 2016 it was announced by CEO Paul Graf that Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc., had acquired BLMA Models Inc., of Fullerton, California. Founded in 2000, by Craig Martyn, BLMA manufactured HO, N, and Z scale rolling stock and accessories. Upon completion of the acquisition, Atlas would own and release all current tooling, inventory, and would continue with production plans outlined by BLMA, prior to the sale. The BLMA HO and N rolling stock would be absorbed into the Atlas Master line of products. These models included the N scale GSC 60’ Flat car, N scale ACF 52’ Gondola, N scale Trinity 31K Crude Oil Tank cars, HO & N Trinity 5660 Covered Hoppers, HO & N Trinity 64’ Modern Tropicana Reefers, and HO & N Bx-166 60’ BNSF Box cars.

Also in 2016, Atlas announced an agreement with Weaver Models that would bring a host of popular locomotive and freight cars into the Atlas line-up. The announcement came on the heels of Weaver Models closing its doors at the end of June 2015. Tooling acquired in the agreement encompassed products formerly mass produced in the orient such as the 2-8-0, U25B, RS11 and VO-1000 locomotives, the Troop Sleeper and Kitchen Cars, the Pullman Bradley Coaches, the War Emergency Gondola, the B&O Wagontop Box Car and the H30 Covered Hopper. In addition, the molds for the 20’ Containers and telephone poles were also obtained. Atlas started manufacturing the Weaver 20' container loads in Evergreen, MOL, K-Line, and Hanjin markings. Atlas also acquired and planned to release the 'O' scale RS-11 diesels, the Weaver troop cars and the B&O wagon top box car.

Atlas 'O' 1923 ARA 40' X-29 Steel Box Cars
Atlas 'O' scale Baltimore & Ohio Timesaver 1923 ARA 40' Steel box car for 2-rail Atlas 'O' scale Pennsylvania RR X29 steel box car Atlas 'O' scale #8773-2 & 4 PRR Railway Express Agency X-29 Steel Box Car Atlas 'O' scale NYC 1923 ARA X29 Steel Box Car #9785 for 2-rail circa 2000
Atlas 'O' Nickel Plate Road 1923 X29 ARA 40'Steel Box Car circa 2006 Atlas 'O' Lehigh & New England 1923 ARA X-29 40' Steel Box Car #9753-2 for 2-rail circa 2005 Atlas 'O' Seaboard Air Line 1923 ARA X-29 40' Steel Box Car #9754-3 for 2-rail Atlas 'O' Central RR of New Jersey 1923 ARA X-29 40' Steel Box Car #9752-4 for 2-rail

By 2018 Atlas was issuing state-of-the-art operating scale models. The year's highlight was the announced release of a new 'O' gauge VO-1000 locomotive produced in China using acquired Weaver tooling for the first time by Atlas. This hi-tech Master line product featured a slew of modern capabilities, including directional LED lighting, operating electro-couplers, EOB™ speed control technology, an operating diesel exhaust unit, and Lionel® TrainMaster® Command Control featuring RailSounds™ digital sound system. The sound system on this locomotive consisted of over 20 sound effects, including engine start-up and shutdown, prime mover sounds through all eight notches, bell, air horn, air compressor, dynamic brakes and more. There were 16 user-selectable horns, 2 user-selectable bells, and 2 user-selectable synchronized brake squeals. Manual and automatic notching modes with the ability to change modes on the fly were provided for true operating realism. Other features included a detailed cab interior, die cast chassis, trucks and pilots, metal handrails, prototypical exhaust stack configurations, dual motors with flywheels, and accurate painting and lettering. This model was based on the Baldwin VO-1000 prototype which was a diesel-electric locomotive (switcher) built by Baldwin Locomotive Works between January 1939 and December 1946. 548 examples of this model were built for American railroads, including examples for the Army and Navy. Between June and August 1945 Baldwin supplied 30 VO-1000 road locomotives with 8-cylinder VO engines for export to the Soviet Union.

Atlas 'O' 40' Steel Re-built Box Cars
Atlas 'O' scale Missouri Pacific Steel Re-Built Box Car #6490 for 3-rail circa 2004 Atlas 'O' scale Vermont Railway 40' Steel Re-built Box Car #7445-1 for 2-rail Atlas 'O' scale Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Re-Built Box Car #6488 for 3-rail circa 2004

Atlas O #2114-1 Western Maryland GP-35 2-Rail Locomotive made 2004 While Atlas trains have been enjoyed over the years by millions of hobbyists, whether the Atlas trains are collectable valuables or not is up for debate. The first generation of N scale trains issued in the 1960's are sought after because of their age appeal, but they are quite commonly found at swap meets, flea markets and on the Internet, and the prices to assemble an entire catalogue or set would not cause anyone to go broke. The initial 'O' scale offerings from 1972-75 are commonly found, many still in their original set boxes, so there is typically not much value, but there is interest from die-hard hobbists. Of course, any model that is discontinued after a limited run has a value that would be determined by its scarcity, and desireability.

Atlas 'O' 40' 1937 AAR Single Door Box Cars
Atlas 'O' New Haven 40' 1937 AAR Single Door Box Car #8553 for 2-rail circa 2006 Atlas 'O' Canadian National 40' 1937 AAR Single Door Box Car #8563 for 2-rail circa 2006 Atlas 'O' Southern Pacific 40' 1937 AAR Single Door Box Car #8566 for 2-rail circa 2006 Atlas 'O' Santa Fe 40' 1937 AAR Single Door Box Car #8564 for 2-rail circa 2006

Atlas 'O' 40' 1937 AAR Double Door Box Cars
Atlas 'O' Great Northern 40' 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car #9702-8 circa 2005 Atlas 'O' Southern Pacific 40' 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car #9709-3 circa 2005 Atlas 'O' 40' Missouri-Kansas-Texas 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car #9708-3 circa 2005 Atlas 'O' Chicago & North Western The Overland Route 40' 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car #9707-2 circa 2005

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